‘Perform, Support Tinubu’s Agenda Or I Will Sack You’ – Wike Tells FCTA Perm Secs

‘Perform, Support Tinubu’s Agenda Or I Will Sack You’ – Wike Tells FCTA Perm Secs

The Minister of the Federal Capital Territory (FCT), Nyemson Wike, has warned the newly inaugurated Permanent Secretaries for the FCT Administration against lackadaisical attitudes.

Wike, during his address after the inauguration of the Chairman and Commissioners of the FCT Civil Service Commission, FCT Head of Service, and the Permanent Secretaries in Abuja on Monday, told the appointees to support President Bola Ahmed Tinubu’s Renewed Hope Agenda and also perform well in their various offices or be sacked.

The former Governor of Rivers State reminded the FCT workers of the long struggle for the realisation of the FCT Civil Service Commission since the enactment of the law in 2018.

Wike said: “As a permanent secretary, you are not a political appointee, and you know the implication of that.

If you perform below our expectations, there is nothing like querying him in accordance with civil service rules.

We have no time for that. We will just send you packing as permanent secretary.”

The Minister added: “I don’t want to hear that files are unduly delayed.

We want you to support the government of President Bola Tinubu to realise the Renewed Hope Agenda.’’

The minister emphasized the arduous journey towards the establishment of the FCT Civil Service Commission since the law was passed in 2018.

Wike highlighted that President Tinubu had turned the vision into reality, therefore, it is essential for workers to show dedication and contribute towards the success of his administration.

He noted that the newly appointed Head of Service will soon issue posting letters to Directors as part of the restructuring process.

Wike also urged the Coordinators of Satellite Towns Development Department (STDD), Abuja Municipal Management Council (AMMC), and Abuja Infrastructure Investment Council (AIIC) to carry out their responsibilities diligently.

In particular, he advised the STDD coordinator to closely monitor the progress in area councils as per President Tinubu’s instructions.

Furthermore, Wike encouraged the AMMC coordinator to ensure that street lights are functioning, sanitation is well-maintained, and public buildings are properly maintained.

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